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The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the hub of IKARUS. From it you can easily access our latest Analyses, Reports, Procedures, Drone details and recently added Events.

It also includes a powerful global search field. It's a great jumping off point if you want to see the latest worldwide news and developments related to drones and small UAVs.

Using the Map

The Event Map contains every single drone related event we have catalogued and, using the filters, you can easily drill down over a geographic area and remove unnecessary criteria.

Once you have identified an Event of interest you are able to click on it and access the Event summary and, thereafter navigate to linked Drones, Events, Reports and Analyses.

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IKARUS has a powerful search function built-in, allowing you to easily find events based on many variables, be it the Event Type, the Motive of the drone pilot, the Target Type, Drone Make, or a date range within which the event occurred.

Requests for Information

IKARUS has been designed to encourage and make best use of the Intelligence Cycle. It allows you to submit Requests For Information (RFIs) to our expert analysts, securely from within IKARUS, and to receive responses in the same way.

These are then easily accessible for you in the future as they sit within the context in which RFI was submitted.

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One of the key strengths of IKARUS lies with the relationships between the various content types. You can, for example, navigate to a Drone page, directly from the Event page in which that drone featured and, then see links to any other Events, Reports or Analyses that feature the same drone.

Similarly, Analyses and Reports feature Events, allowing you to easily dive down into more specifics if necessary.


Some information on IKARUS is presented with tooltips, which provide more explanatory details when you hover your cursor over them. For example, on a drone, you can hover over a Drone Manufacturer's name to see more about the company.

The presence of a Tooltip is indicated by white text, within a dark blue rectangle.

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Getting Help

If you ever need assistance using IKARUS, or wish to provide feedback, you can find a Get Support link, via which you can contact us, on the footer of every page.

If you want to revisit this tour at anytime you can find the link to it in the footer.

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