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Drone Threat Intelligence & Analysis

Drone Database

The IKARUSTM database is a comprehensive and expanding dataset covering all known manufacturers and models. IKARUS gathers data regarding the drone’s physical characteristics, the technology used and its performance metrics, enhanced with analysis of each drone’s capabilities.

Drone Incident Database

Our team of experienced analysts interrogate multiple sources for worldwide drone related incidents. Each is analysed and categorised allowing IKARUS to rapidly identify emerging and vectoring threats. Information is presented in a manner that allows the subscriber to easily search threats by geographic area, industry sector or other parameter.

Expert Analysis

IKARUS’s experienced Counter-Threat experts provide clear and concise analysis about specific drones, incidents and, also, more general threat developments . The reports are dynamically linked to drones and events within the IKARUSTM database.

About IMSL – The Intelligence PeopleTM

IMSL delivers intelligence and counter-threat expertise, training and support to multiple sectors worldwide. We offer a range of services to complement IMSL IKARUSTM thereby forming a complete Counter-drone capability:

  • UAS Trials & Evaluation
  • Technical & Forensic Exploitation
  • Counter-UAS Site Threat Assessments
  • Counter-UAS Protective Security Planning Advice
  • Tactical Design Analysis / ’Red Teaming’
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The threat posed by drones is real, dynamic and growing. It is evolving at such a fast pace that it can be impossible for any one individual with responsibilities for site or event security, or business risk management, to keep abreast of threat development. It is within this context that IKARUS are pleased to invite you to subscribe to their IKARUSTM - Global Drone Threat, Intelligence & Analysis Service. Contact us to find out how we can assist you to manage and reduce your exposure.

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